• Shaan-e-Awadh Tour - Rickshaw ride and bazaar walk through the heart of Lucknow

Shaan-e-Awadh Tour - Rickshaw ride and bazaar walk through the heart of Lucknow

Duration: 4hrs

What this tour is about: This tour covers many of the iconic monuments of Lucknow, and offers a glimpse into its colourful bazaars, crafts, cuisine and culture. We will explore the city on rickshaw as well as on foot. The tour lasts 4 hours, with a break in-between for refreshments.

The region of Awadh flourished under the rule of the Nawabs; first as a province in the Mughal Empire, then as an independent kingdom. The Nawabs were Persians from the Shia community, and were great patrons of culture and art. Scholars, poets, architects and painters flocked to Lucknow, the capital of Awadh. In this tour we show you the essence of Awadhi culture in Lucknow.

Places we will visit:

We will begin the tour with Lucknow’s most famous monument, the Bada Imambara. It is a grand congregation hall, an architectural marvel that houses the Bhool Bhulaiya, a complex maze of passages, staircases and doorways. It is said that great treasures are hidden in this maze.

From the Bada Imambara, we will climb aboard an auto rickshaw (or a horse-drawn tanga if you prefer). We will drive through the Rumi Darwaza, the majestic iconic doorway of Lucknow city, towards the Chota Imambara. Our drive will take us past the Hussainabad Clock Tower and Satkhanda, a structure influenced by the Leaning Tower of Pisa! We will visit the Chota Imambara, known for its beautiful gilded domes and the Shahi Hamam (royal baths).

After visiting Chota Imambara, we will continue our ride, heading towards the bazaar area. On our way we will drive past the Jama Masjid, an architectural splendor of yellow sandstone, and one of the most beautiful mosques in India. Our ride ends at Chowk, where we will explore the traditional bazaar area on foot.

We will visit craft workshops for zardosi and chikan embroidery, silver varq (foil) making and block printing. We will see the legendary food stalls and spice shops of Lucknow. These vibrant bazaars sell everything from jewellery and old coins to kites and itr (perfumes). We will also see small shrines and traditional houses for a glimpse of daily life in Lucknow.

Tour Starts: Entrance of Bada Imambara

Tour Ends: Akbari Gate

When: 9:00 a.m. All days of the week except Thursday. Not ideal in the summer months (Apr-June) and monsoon months (Jul-Sep). We suggest replacing the auto-rickshaw with the car if you feel hot.